Nest Acupuncture

We are a group of highly skilled practitioners dedicated to overall well-being with a specialty in fertility and pregnancy. With a specialization in fertility acupuncture and Chinese medicine, you can expect an experience that is informative, restorative, and calming.

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Our mission is to partner with our patients in their own unique journeys towards optimal health and balance. We build personalized treatment plans using acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine alone or as a complement to western medical practices. Whether you need help overcoming fertility obstacles; support before, during and after your pregnancy; or relief from emotional stress or another health challenge, our practitioners give you the time and attention you need to identify core imbalances and create an approach that leads to a successful outcome.

Through our past partnership with Pacific Fertility Center, one of the world’s foremost fertility clinics, Nest practitioners are innovating the field of fertility through both research and practice. At Nest, you’ll be in the expert hands of dedicated practitioners with a solid track record of patient success.

Nest Acupuncture

You may call our office at (415) 673-6378 to talk with us about your specific health concern, or schedule an appointment online at our San Francisco office , Marin office with Sara Stieg, or Alameda office with Tiffinie Tang.