“After about six appointments with Tiffinie, my knee issues are completely gone. In addition, acupuncture helps boost your immune system and I did not get sick once this year despite working at San Francisco General Hospital every afternoon.” ~Peter M., Oakland

“Some people remember their first grade teacher or their basketball coach-I will remember Sara Stieg as someone who made a difference in my life. She is knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. I wish I could repay the kindness and compassion Sara has shown me this past year.” ~A.M., San Francisco

“I have been seeing Tiffinie at Nest Acupuncture for about 6 months now. She always gives very good advice and is a fantastic listener. I am excited to show up and always leave feeling amazing!” ~Nick Rose, San Francisco

“Not only did Sara help to relax my jaw tension due to TMJ, but she helped to get rid of my lifelong headaches through her practice of acupuncture. My time with Sara was incredible. I could really see her true joy and passion for what she does. She approached my situation with such care, concern and individualized treatment, it was amazing!” ~Amber C., Berkeley

“My first appointment with Tiffinie was excellent. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Her thorough evaluation and response to my questions were extremely helpful. She has a breadth of knowledge that is key to giving hope and resolve to patients with persistent problems (fertility and non fertility related). After my visit, my stress level decreased significantly and I would not hesitate to return. Nest is the way to go and Tiffinie is the person to see!” ~J.T., San Jose

“Personal, professional, educated, caring, I could go on an on. Anyone I have dealt with in the office seems great, but if you can get in to see Sara, you’ll have hit gold.” ~A.L., San Francisco

“Sara Stieg has been treating me on and off for years now. She has always been extremely professional, caring, and skilled in her work. Her smile and calm demeanor put you at ease, and her amazing acupuncture skills and knowledge promote health and recovery. She has an abundance of knowledge regarding herbs as well. “ ~E.C., San Francisco

“I have been going here on and off for a year and a half. The office is quiet, clean and peaceful despite being on Lombard. Sara takes the time to get to know you, listen to all of your concerns and I never felt rushed. I really enjoyed going to her and always felt so much better and relaxed after and for the next few day. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!” ~J.M., San Francisco

“I’ve been twice to meet with Sara and really appreciated my time there. Sara listens, cares, and takes time to make sure you are heard. The office is welcoming and simple. This is my first experience with acupuncture and I’m really enjoying it and feeling it’s affects.” ~D.F., San Francisco

“At Nest I found the balance I was looking for. I came to Nest to find balance along with support for fertility issues. After 3.5 years of trying to conceive and IVF I have a healthy baby boy. Sara and Tiffinie are wonderful acupuncturists. I highly recommend Nest as a safe place of healing, growth and harmony.” ~Julie F., San Francisco

“I never imagined that getting (and staying) pregnant would be so difficult. For four years we truly experienced every test, procedure, set-back, complication, challenge and possible bump in the road….and all the while no doctor could “find anything wrong with us”. We were physically and mentally exhausted and we were reaching our breaking point when we decided to give it one more try and at the same time seek help from Sara Stieg. Wow, are we glad we did! Sara absolutely helped prepare and maintain my body for a successful pregnancy, but equally as importantly, she helped prepare my mind. Regular appointments with Sara kept me balanced, relaxed and full of positive energy. Sara helped me navigate through gestational difficulties and was the “cheerleader” that I needed during some rough patches. More importantly, Sara became a friend. She’s very good at what she does and I have no doubt that her support helped us to have our beautiful and healthy baby girl. We are incredibly thankful to Sara….and it was worth the four year wait!” ~K.F., San Francisco

“I had been struggling with infertility for over 2 years before finally coming to see Tiffinie. I saw her regularly for several months leading up to my IVF treatment (as did my husband!), and then all throughout the process. Her friendly but caring manner put me at ease right away but I was especially comforted by all her knowledge about the IVF process and that she knew all special treatments and herbs to deal with my specific issues. I can happily say I’m now a little over 3 months pregnant and still seeing Tiffinie… we call her our good luck charm! Plus the treatments are always so relaxing I really look forward to the time. Looking back I can’t say enough wonderful things about her – she really helped me through what was a really trying time in my life and I am so thankful to her for all she did. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” ~Lisa (mom to twin girls, Riley and Avery), San Francisco

“After two miscarriages when trying to get pregnant with my first baby, I was confused about what to do next. Although I had always been a fan of alternative approaches to medicine, I had never had acupuncture before. I went to Nest after doing some research on fertility methods and met with Sara. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was immediately optimistic. Sara is a kind and warm person and one of the best listeners I have ever met. Our first session was much like therapy, which was great. Each subsequent session also included conversation; it was incredibly helpful to speak with someone who knew what I was going through and understood what could be done to help me. Everything at Nest is done to support you and help you feel better, down to having heat lamps to keep you warm! After about two and a half months, I got pregnant again. I was incredibly nervous. I continued to go to weekly sessions through my first trimester and then once a month until my due date. I even went to Sara after I was past my due date, to help induce labor. Sara and the Nest team are some of the most professional and supportive health folks I have ever met. I would recommend them for both men and women, looking for fertility or general health support.” ~A.P., San Francisco

“Thought I would share: At my 20 week appointment with my OB I asked if she thought the 3 rounds of unsuccessful IVF, acupuncture, DHEA, COQ10 or herbs helped me conceive naturally-she said of all of those, if anything, it was probably the acupuncture that helped!! Thank you Tiffinie- I am 20 weeks along with a healthy baby boy!!!“ ~Kimberly H., San Francisco

“As some of us know, trying to get pregnant can be a little more challenging than we thought it would be. I came to Tiffinie for help after about 6 months of trying to get pregnant. I was becoming frustrated, and didn’t want to run into invasive fertility treatments straight away. Tiffinie was always calm, gentle, and honest during our sessions especially during times when I was not (calm, at least). When my husband and I decided to go for IVF, I was determined to support the process with Tiffinie at my side. She understands the IVF process, and provided the perfect treatment at the perfect times during our treatment cycle. Throughout my IVF process, Tiffinie was always grounded, non-judgmental, and POSITIVE, and just what I needed after being categorized and broken down into some percentile at my MDs office. The result: a beautiful, healthy baby girl after only one IVF cycle. I can’t ever thank Tiffinie enough for her part in delivering our little miracle!” ~Annika V., San Francisco

“For those that have struggled with trying to conceive, it is not uncommon to feel discouraged, helpless, frustrated and just plain sad at many times throughout the journey. I started seeing Sara Stieg because I wanted to be proactive, and do everything possible to increase my odds of success. Simply put, after months of negative pregnancy tests I was ready to explore the world of alternative medicine and embrace a more holistic approach that would augment the traditional fertility treatments that I would be undergoing. What I didn’t’ realize or expect when seeking fertility support through Nest, was that I would not only gain a dedicated practitioner, but also a trusted adviser and true friend. I saw Sara every week for a year and a half during my journey to conceive. She helped me sort through the overwhelming amount of information from my doctors, acquaintances with similar struggles, and the internet to come up with an approach that harmonized Chinese acupuncture and herbs, nutrition/diet, western medicine, and general lifestyle adjustments. Sara helped me to work through difficult decisions related to my medical care and become a more educated and empowered patient. Often times a visit with Sara would be the very thing that helped me migrate from feeling demoralized to feeling optimistic. She took the time to talk through every little concern I had, she asked insightful questions to help get to the root of certain symptoms, she never made me feel rushed, and she went out of her way to make sure she was with me every step of the way, making home and hospital visits when I was unable to get to the office. Sara was the first person I shared the news with after my husband and I found out that we had finally conceived, and she helped me through what turned out to be a very difficult first trimester in terms of sickness. Every time I left Sara’s office, I would feel renewed and relaxed and ready to face another day. I would still be seeing Sara today if I hadn’t moved out of San Francisco.” ~L.P., San Francisco

“I started seeing Tiffinie in February after struggling to conceive. She was very warm and gentle and happily accommodated the requirements of my IVF protocol, even when they were fairly rigid about things like taking supplemental herbs. The treatment at Nest augmented my fertility procedure & later helped me tolerate my pregnancy symptoms. Now, one year later, I have two healthy, beautiful twin baby boys. “ ~Hillary W., San Francisco

“I found out about Nest by doing a search for acupuncture and fertility on Yelp. Nest had some great reviews, so I decided to give it a try. On my first visit, I met Sara who immediately put me at ease. She is very caring, kind, patient, and calming. She is also up to date on all the latest fertility treatments and can suggest some great ways to complement your acupuncture with nutrition, exercise, and herbal treatments. After a few months of acupuncture, I did conceive and recently gave birth to two healthy baby girls. I can’t recommend Sara (and Nest) highly enough!” ~S.G., San Francisco

“I was so happy to find Sara Stieg at Nest when we were seeking help starting a family. Sara helped regulate my cycle and helped me feel relaxed and healthy as we tried to conceive. She also made me comfortable when I got pregnant, working on sleep and strange body aches, and preparing my body for what turned out to an easy delivery. Most importantly, Sara shared the journey with me, whether I tried changing my diet or injecting hormones, and supported me like a good friend. Her warmth, caring, and kindness make Sara an exceptional practitioner, and made every visit to her office a treat. I will always remember my experience with Sara, and hope to continue my visits to her once my gorgeous little boy allows me the time again!” ~J.M., San Francisco

“I had the most wonderful experience with Nest. I am a cancer survivor and needed to go through fertility treatments to conceive a child. My first two rounds of fertility treatments were unsuccessful. I had read about using acupuncture to increase the odds of implantation. On my third round, I used a full course of acupuncture before, during and after the treatment. It worked. My beautiful baby daughter was born in May. Sara was amazing, incredibly supportive and always knew exactly what I needed. I would and have highly recommend Sara and her colleagues to anyone going through fertility assistance.” ~N.O., San Francisco

“After enduring months of frustration trying to get pregnant, I decided I was done with the traditional testing and fertility drugs and sought out an alternative approach. I started researching and found encouraging success stories from women who pursued acupuncture. I was so fortunate to find Nest and specifically Sara Stieg. She was compassionate and thorough and was able to quickly diagnose my deficiencies and formulated a treatment plan. After my first visit, I was pleased to find my stress and anxiety levels decrease and my migraines disappeared altogether. I saw a shift with my cycles within the first month. I found Sara’s bedside manner to always be soothing and encouraging. Now I have a beautiful baby boy and I don’t think I would have been able to conceive without Sara’s treatments. I feel so fortunate that I was able to get pregnant without fertility drugs and I would highly recommend anyone seeking a more natural and holistic approach to work with Sara.” ~Joslyn B., San Francisco

“I have had an amazing experience with Sara at Nest. She is extremely warm, calm, professional and smart. Her practice helped us immensely after the loss of a late pregnancy and helped me get balanced to go on and conceive a healthy son just months later. We are now working on baby #2 and happy to be visiting Sara again. In addition if you are suffering from a head cold, get in to see her right away – amazingly my cold was gone the very next day! “ ~M.R., San Francisco

“Tiffinie McEntire is an incredible acupuncturist and healer, and to this day I believe she may have helped saved me from having a miscarriage. I had seen her on and off for years while she was a student practitioner, and later while she was just getting started in her own practice. Tiffinie was a huge support to me during my pregnancy with my daughter, always giving excellent advice with a good dose of common sense. I called her one morning, believing I’d miscarried in my 7th week, and she came right to my house and did some ear acupuncture and other therapies, along with a lot of soothing and reassuring. At this point, I didn’t know if all hope was lost, but she encouraged me to rest and have faith; and when I went in to my OB’s office the next day, the heartbeat was there! Tiffinie also was there when I needed some help to get my labor going–she never pushes and is very in tune with what her clients need, and when I ended up having to go through an induction–I used some of her techniques to keep my mind in a good place. My daughter is now nearly 4 and I’m so grateful for Tiffinie’s role in this important time of my life. Her broad knowledge of Chinese medicine, combined with her training as a massage therapist (added to her own wonderfully comforting and down to earth personality) make her a wonderful healer. “ ~Amy D., San Francisco

“My experience at Nest has been positive from the first phone call (over a year ago) to my latest appointment (yesterday). Sara Stieg has given me the support, encouragement, advice, and — of course — the acupuncture that I need to get and stay pregnant. The staff is wonderful, the location easy, and the results are tangible.” ~C.C., San Francisco

“Upon walking into Nest Acupuncture one finds an extremely caring environment, a relaxing space and a place to heal and grow. My experience at Nest with Sara before, during and post-pregnancy was supported, grounding and helpful during this life changing transition. I feel honored to have Sara as part of my “team” during this time. Sara and her colleagues go the extra mile to offer help and suggestions, so beyond the treatments one feels a sense of overall, holistic support. Sara is a bright light. One walks out of Nest feeling lighter, more clear and calm.” ~H.R., San Francisco

“How do I keep what I want to say about Sara and Nest Acupuncture to a minimum? I can’t but I will try! Amazing, comfortable, inviting, very zen and safe is how I would describe Nest when you walk in – sweet, kind, talented, warm, friendly and one of a kind is how I would describe Sara! I couldn’t have found a more incredible and unique place than Nest to come for acupuncture. You sit down with Sara and feel like you can tell her anything- her approach, the way about hers and her techniques makes one feel so at ease. I always have a smile on my face when with Sara and at Nest, and I always leave feeling amazing. Whatever your need might be, Sara is so great to talk to as she has the best advice and words of wisdom and I love her way with her clients. It’s such a happy, great vibe at Nest because of the people who have created Nest and then also the clients. I am thankful everyday for Sara and Nest and will end with this: Those who get to experience Sara and Nest are the luckiest people!” ~K.L., San Rafael

“Nest Acupuncture was just what I needed to get my labor going when I was one week overdue and my doctor wanted to induce me. I felt very strongly about wanting my labor to begin naturally. I had heard about Nest through good friends and I knew it was the right thing to try. I had acupuncture with Sara on a Monday late afternoon and on my way home on the GGB my labor contractions began. They felt like Braxton Hicks (which I had only a couple of times prior) but they were coming every 1-3 minutes. When I got home I had some dinner, went to bed and awoke at 11:15 pm that night when I felt my first “real” contraction! I was amazed at how quickly things progressed once I had the acupuncture. I was delighted to finally be in labor without having to be induced. I had a healthy baby boy the following day. I highly recommend going to Nest for some or all of your pregnancy needs. Thank you Nest Acupuncture for your expertise and your amazing, caring team!” ~Catherine A., Novato

“Six days overdue and baby boy did not want to come out. Who would want to? Free room and board, plus all the awesome cupcakes and cheeseburgers you could put away, with no chewing involved! Talk about a lazy, awesome life. I knew of Tiffinie, but did not think to ask her to help me induce through acupuncture, since I had already tried that once with my regular acupuncturist (with 30 needles, 90 minutes and no success.) But she knew I was overdue and miserable, so she offered a session to induce. I agreed out of sheer desperation. If you have ever been pregnant past your due date, you know what I mean. The minute your due date passes, you want that kid OUT OF YOUR UTERUS. It’s like you’re carrying around nine instead of one because you’re enormous, swollen, and the baby keeps hugging your lungs and using your bladder as a trampoline. Tiffinie came over, used 9 needles, had me walk around the room a little, gave me words of comfort and encouragement, and BAM! 30 minutes after she left I was in labor. One-minute contractions, 4 to 5 minutes apart. Baby boy was born the following afternoon. My conclusion? Tiffinie saved my sanity. She should be listed under “therapy” as well as “acupuncture.” ~Kristina R., San Fransisco

“I have a history of being over due by two weeks so when I came to Sara’s office pregnant with my second baby I was so ready to get labor started. I remember thinking to myself,’ Please let this work!’ I had to be induced with my first, so I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. I relaxed right away under Sara’s gentle and confident touch. The heat lamps felt so good and I started to float away into meditation. Then the unbelievable happened… My water broke right then and there! We were both amazed and ecstatic! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and to have shared it with Sara was truly a blessing!” ~Katie M., Novato