Nest Acupuncture Rates

Initial visit: 60-90 minutes, $190.
Follow up visits: 45-60 minutes, $110.

Facial Rejuvenation New Patient: 60 minutes, $190
Facial Rejuvenation follow up: 30 minutes, $110

Maya Abdominal Massage New Patient: 90 minutes, $190
Maya Abdominal Massage follow up: 60 minutes, $140

Maya Abdominal Massage plus Follow Up Acupuncture $150 (existing patients)

On Site Pre & Post Embryo Transfer Treatment: $375
Pre & Post Embryo Transfer Treatment at Nest: $220

Breech Baby Support New Patient Visit: 75-90 minutes, $170 (includes moxa)
Breech Baby Follow up: 60 minutes, $115 (includes moxa)


Nest accepts a variety of insurance plans. We are happy to contact your provider to find out whether your plan covers acupuncture, as well as provide courtesy billing for future visits. For more information on our services or to discuss your plan, you can email us at

Recommended Treatment Schedule

Start 3-6 months prior to trying to conceive; 1-2 x/week.

While many patient start acupuncture treatments after they have already begun the
process of trying to conceive, we encourage people to begin earlier. With that said, we will always meet you wherever you’re at on your fertility journey.

Acupuncture w/ ART:

Start 2-3 months prior. 1-2 sessions/week until stimulation cycle; At that time 2 x/week.

We recommend starting acupuncture three months prior to an ART cycle.
Whether it be an IUI or IVF, it is important to begin preparing the body in advance
to help create an ideal environment for conception to occur, and to help your body have access to optimal egg quality.

Labor Preparation:

We recommend starting treatment at 36 weeks to help prepare the body for labor with our Labor Initiation treatments. Once women are at or nearing their due date (around 39-40 weeks) we will start with Labor Induction treatments.

Breech Baby Presentations:

Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to help babies who are not into a head-down, face back position, to get into a position that is ideal for natural delivery. These treatments have also shown to make manual versions performed by an obstetrician to be more comfortable for mama-to-be. Recommended around 34 weeks gestation.

Rates are subject to change