Childbirth is undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences of a woman’s life. It is a journey that starts well before actual conception, and is unique to each woman who undergoes it. To best prepare for your own version of the road to motherhood, Nest offers acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments to provide vital sustenance for you and your baby’s health and wellbeing before, during and after the actual birth.


We recommend treatment starting at least three months before conception takes place. Most women know a typical menstrual cycle lasts about 25 – 31 days. But it actually takes about three months for an egg to mature. During that time it is vital to create healthy follicles and better egg quality; balance hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle; and get your body as a whole in the best condition for conception to occur. During this time TCM will help with blood flow to increase ovarian response and improve the endometrial lining, thus enhancing the chances of successful implantation.

In this stage and beyond, TCM will provide a baseline support to increase endorphins, reduce stress, induce relaxation and strengthen the immune system to ensure your overall health and well-being are at their optimal so your body, mind and spirit can do best what they are meant to do. TCM will also reduce side effects from hormonal treatments for those women who have undergone Assisted Reproductive Therapies (ART).


Once you are pregnant, acupuncture and TCM can help in big and small ways. It has been proven effective with significant medical issues such as preventing miscarriage, slow intrauterine development, lack of amniotic fluid, pre-term labor, hemorrhaging, and breech presentation.

We will also be helping you stay healthy and comfortable by providing support for your particular set of normal physical and emotional changes as they occur. Acupuncture can help with morning sickness, anxiety, digestive issues, anemia, fatigue, heartburn, hemorrhoids, and later in your pregnancy — high blood pressure, incontinence, edema and insomnia.

Acupuncture is particularly effective for pain management of conditions such as carpal tunnel, leg cramps, sciatica, pelvic pain, and lower back pain should you experience any of these.

Labor Preparation/Childbirth

Our goal is to support a smooth labor and delivery. A recent study showed that women who used acupuncture regularly during their pregnancy had a decreased time of “hard” labor. We recommend starting treatment at 36 weeks to help prepare the body.

Some goals of labor preparation include: a quick labor, pain management, and prevention of tearing and need for episiotomy. Of course, the overall effect of reducing stress and anxiety go a long way towards decreasing labor pain in general. Once women are at or nearing their due date we will start with Labor induction treatments.

Labor Induction

If you are nearing your due date and feel like your baby might need a little extra help making his/her debut, we can help. Many women are told that they will be induced by a certain date if they have not gone into labor on their own, so we encourage labor induction with acupuncture in order to avoid the use of drugs and other interventions. TCM can also help with labor induction post due date.


After labor, acupuncture is a wonderful, safe and effective way to help a woman’s body heal and rebalance. We also provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling for new moms. The restoration of a new mother’s health is imperative for her own well-being and for her ability to be present for her newborn.

Some conditions that acupuncture can address and support after birth are: fatigue, postpartum vaginal discharge, postpartum depression, mastitis, insufficient or excessive lactation, and perineal healing. If there has been caesarian section, acupuncture can help with the post-operative healing as well.