The Pre- and Post- Embryo Transfer Treatments

An important use of TCM during an IVF treatment is the treatment done on the day of the embryo transfer, also known as the Pre- and Post- Transfer Treatments. The chances of conception increase when acupuncture is given right before and shortly after the embryo is transferred to the uterus during an IVF treatment. Scientific studies have shown that this improves uterine artery blood flow, decreases uterine contractions, supports endometrial lining and implantation and increases pregnancy rates.

On-Site Pre- and Post- Embryo Transfer Treatments

We offer onsite acupuncture at certain fertility clinics and would be happy to have one of our acupuncturists support you on the day of your transfer.

In Clinic Pre- and Post- Embryo Transfer Treatments

We also offer the Pre and Post Embryo Transfer treatment at our office. You can come to our clinic prior to your embryo transfer and then return for the second portion of the treatment after your transfer has been complete.  Or if you choose to only come for one of the sessions, we will do our best to accommodate you.